Corporate Videos

One of the most important aspects of a business website, regardless of the type of industry that you’re operating in, is the About Us or Corporate video. Every business is searching for something to make them stand apart from the competition. An About Us video is one of the most powerful pieces of branding and content marketing in your arsenal.

Create Your Own Best Case Study

When you think about the world’s most recognizable brands, one of the first things that comes to mind is the corporate culture that they’ve managed to cultivate over the years.
Your clients can’t help but be interested in the overall satisfaction of employees, your guiding principles and the quality of the organization that they’ll be interacting with.
A well-designed, well-placed and high quality About Us video is essentially your opportunity to create your own case study.
Not only can you provide a real-time glimpse of what your employees do on a daily basis and how your business operates, but it can also show off what makes your business different from your key competitors.

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Our Corporate Videos Process

We are going to show you the whole process of corporate video process from start to finish.

Video Objective

Your objectives are most likely to blossom naturally from a problem, weakness, or opportunity for your business.

That’s why we want to do an up-to-date analysis of your business first of all. Whether you decide to go that in-depth or not, you need to ask yourself how your business and its marketing efforts are doing and where your strengths and weaknesses currently lie. Go ahead and fill this into the template or your document. Be as detailed as you can, but don’t worry about getting every single thing down. This doesn’t need to be War and Peace. It just needs to give an accurate view of where your business is at, where it’s acing things, and where it could improve. For example, you might note that your business is doing well at generating traffic to your site, but having a hard time converting that traffic into paying customers.


We are researching your target audiences as a marketer, you know we take your target audience like a close friend. That’s pretty lucky, because your audience might well be the single most important aspect of your video content. And you’re going to have to get to know them even better to do this thing right.

Without done enough research into your target audience, there’s no way you’ll be able to create video that appeals to them and engages them. That speaks to their heart. In practice that means going way beyond simple demographics like age, gender and location.

Video Strategy

Basically, a good strategy is vital to the success of your video. That’s a lot of pressure, but don’t feel overwhelmed. Building a strategy for video is very similar to building a strategy for any other kind of campaign.

We have experienced in video means your strategy is built more on guesswork than knowledge. If you’ve already decided to work externally to produce your video, we can be brought in at the strategy stage to help you put these plans in place.


Taking your video brief as a starting point, it’s time to come up with a creative approach. Essentially, this is the idea or concept of your video content.The creative approach picked in the last step should heavily influence the writing of the script for your video content. After all, the script will serve as the blueprint for your video. Everything that makes it into the script at this stage will almost certainly make it into the final video content too.

In this part of Shooting, everything related to the shoot of the video is organised and scheduled. Generally this process should be handled by an experienced producer. We are handling this part working with our experts to produce your video.


Once all filming is complete, it’s time to begin editing. This step will be handled by a skilled editor. We will examine many hours worth of footage and select the best takes to use in the final video. We will then cut the film together according to the script and storyboard, so that your core message shines through.

Sometimes We may generate graphics and other special effects to help your video come to life. Anything from a background transposed over green screen to animated characters to graphs displaying facts and figures can be created with special effects. Just like the editing of the footage, all additional graphics will follow the script and storyboard closely to ensure they blend in seamlessly with the rest of the video.

A good edit must work specifically with the music of the video, to achieve the overall desired effect in the target audience. Sound effects and other noises can also be added to create a more realistic and engaging sound mix.

Final Video

Once you’re happy with the final cut of your video it can be formatted. This involves the video being turned into the correct format and quality for its various uses, as outlined in the video production brief. This might mean a HD version for use at a conference, or a more compressed and shortened teaser to be placed on social media. After this is complete, your video will also need to be hosted online so it can be shared and distributed according to your strategy. Depending on your plan of distribution and your budget, you will have several options when it comes to hosting your video.

Features of Corporate Vides

Fun to Watch
Colorfully Animated
Less time consuming
Social media is video friendly
Ability to Show Offline