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Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating

Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for all types of content marketing, with a rating of 89%. Knowing that video testimonials are doing more than other types of content is pretty important. It reinforces what we’ve witnessed with the explosion of online video consumption. Video has clearly positioned itself as a tool to connect viewers with their brands by fostering trust and loyalty, two things that can be hard to come by without the right marketing.

When your audience is considering a product that could seriously improve their lives or businesses— they don’t want to read a long list of features and benefits. They want to hear from real people about the product and what their honest opinions are. In fact, 90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews and testimonials. They want to be able to relate and understand. They want to feel connected to other customers—cities, countries, even continents away. They want to feel like the money they”re spending is validated and the product they are getting is worth every penny. The most powerful tool to turn prospects into customers is positive feedback from your already satisfied customers! By using video testimonials, you give your product an unbiased advantage… and create credibility to boot!

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Our Testimonial Videos Process

Tropic Exposure provides the strategy, customer, and campaign support you need to make your customer testimonial videos work in the real world, all in a fixed-price, all-inclusive package designed to help you achieve maximum return on your investment..


We help you develop a strategy for producing and promoting your video, for maximum, measurable return on investment. We then work with your customer to schedule and prepare them for the upcoming video shoot.


Our team travels to your customer’s location to shoot the video. A producer coaches your customer to deliver the best possible testimonial, while B-roll footage is captured to lend context to the finished production.


We add animation elements (e.g., opening and closing sequences, titles, transitions, calls to action, and other graphic elements) to reflect your brand. We’ll make up to two rounds of edits based on your feedback.

How Long

In addition, give them the desired duration – generally a minute or two. You don’t want a 20-second video loaded with superlatives. Think about the 5-star Amazon reviews that are one sentence long – they’re extremely positive, but no one learns anything from them. The minimum length of a video testimonial should be about one minute – enough to get some real substance.

You don’t want a 5-minute video, either – unless you’re prepared to edit it. If it takes someone 5 minutes to share their story, you can still use it and post it, but the likelihood of most viewers getting to some of the best ideas and expressions falls with each passing minute unless it’s an extremely compelling story.

Relieve pressure on customers and increase usability of videos by giving clear direction in your asks.

Final Video

Once you’re happy with the final cut of your video it can be formatted. This involves the video being turned into the correct format and quality for its various uses, as outlined in the video production brief. This might mean a HD version for use at a conference, or a more compressed and shortened teaser to be placed on social media. After this is complete, your video will also need to be hosted online so it can be shared and distributed according to your strategy. Depending on your plan of distribution and your budget, you will have several options when it comes to hosting your video.

Features of Testimonial video

Videos Trigger Emotions
Higher Retention Rate Than Text
People Prefer Video
Videos Get Shared
Consumers Trust User Reviews
Social Proof is a Powerful Decision-Making Factor